Using promotional air fresheners

Using promotional air fresheners

You’ve probably seen one of those pine- or other-scented promotional air fresheners hanging from a car’s rearview mirror more than once. That’s not an accident. Though the car owner probably has it hanging there because he wants a fresher-smelling car, the place he got it from was counting on you and others to notice. That’s why promotional air fresheners can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Of course, if your business is making air fresheners, then you want your name prominently on the product, so every one you sell becomes a promotional air freshener for your product and your company. However, other businesses can buy the promotional air fresheners and either sell them or give them away.

Promotional air fresheners are inexpensive to make, costing just pennies, so they make a very cost-effective marketing tool. You can buy a thousand of them for $100 or less. If you sell them for even a dollar apiece, that’s a hefty profit. But even if you give them away, it’s a fairly cheap form of marketing that will have a fairly wide reach. You not only have the 1,000 people you gave them to, but you also have every single person, from passengers to passersby, that sees that promotional air freshener hanging from the mirror.

And it’s not just car mirrors. People may hang them in their homes and other businesses might hang them up to provide that nice smell. Every time someone does this with one of your promotional air fresheners, it’s another chance for your business name to be seen.

It’s easy to see why promotional air fresheners are such a good marketing tool. They not only allow your business name to be seen widely for a relatively low cost, they also provide a service — providing a nice smell — to those who receive them. Next time you are thinking of marketing tools, consider a promotional air freshener.

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