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Surfing Rampscoastal design & solutions

             ‘Reef Architect to assist you with beach nourishment campaigns and the re-use of dredge spoil for better surf and wider beaches’

              ‘For coastal managers and port authorities that are seeking to provide additional benefits for the community and want to save on total costs’

Beach nourishment campaigns add sand to swash or nearshore zones in response to shoreline erosion or realignment. Beach nourishment (or beach fill in the USA) is popular because it maintains the look and feel of a beach, supporting the inherent cultural, natural and commercial values associated with the beach.

Surfers ride surfboards, longboards, bodyboards, surf skis and SUPs. There are 5.3 million surfers spread across Australia, USA, NZ and Europe. Most surfing occurs at a beach and beach nourishment campaigns have a temporary impact on subaqueous beach topography, wave breaking patterns and ultimately, the quality of the surfing experience.

With Surfing Ramps input, your beach nourishment campaign will;

  • provide better surf
  • deliver a wider beach
  • reduce on total costs

Surfing Ramps is a niche coastal consultancy to assist you in all stages of beach nourishment, from;

*) community consultation prior to sand nourishment campaigns

*) onsite and/or desktop assessment and appraisal of surf spot cluster (existing, rarely, almost), batho & geo, wind & wave climate, access and community

*) identifying options for spoil ground placement locations, every site is unique

*) design configuration of sand placement templates for better surf and wider beaches, every site is unique

*) organising computer modelling appraisal of placement template

*) organising surf cam installation

*) undertaking soundings, bathymetric studies and map production

*) advice during the dredge tender process

*) dissemination of information and media management during your sand nourishment campaign

*) monitoring and reporting during your sand nourishment campaign

*) reporting, post campaign appraisal

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