Surfing Ramps

Surfing Ramps is a niche coastal consultancy to assist you in all stages of beach nourishment, from;

– community consultation prior to sand nourishment campaigns

– onsite and/or desktop assessment and appraisal of surf spot cluster (existing, rarely, almost), batho & geo, wind & wave climate, access and community

– identifying options for spoil ground placement locations, every site is unique

*) design configuration of sand placement templates for better surf and wider beaches, every site is unique

– organising computer modelling appraisal of placement template

– organising surf cam installation

– undertaking soundings, bathymetric studies and map production

– advice during the dredge tender process

– dissemination of information and media management during your sand nourishment campaign

– monitoring and reporting during your sand nourishment campaign

– reporting, post campaign appraisal

Affordable Computer Repairs Melbourne

Affordable Computer Repairs Melbourne

If your computer is giving you trouble, you will be happy to know that there are many companies that can do computer repairs Melbourne. Here are a few of the services commonly offered.

Virus and Malware Removal

Any quality provider of computer repairs Melbourne at knows that one of the most common cause of problems for computer users is an infection by a virus or other type of malware. They can help you out by analyzing your PC for any undesired software and getting rid of it.

Fixing Performance Issues

A common complaint among computer users in Melbourne is that their PC is running slower than it was before. There could be many causes to this problem. A technician that does computer repairs Melbourne will be able to assess the issue and perform the necessary repairs. This could involve backing up your data and reinstalling your operating system and programs to give your PC a fresh start where it will start working as new.

Troubleshooting Hardware Issues

Some computer problems are caused by faulty hardware. A company which offers computer repairs Melbourne can take a look at both desktop and laptop computers to see if any of the system’s components are at fault. Sometimes, the problem is simply caused by a buildup of dust inside the case. In other times, faulty components such as RAM or the hard drive may need to be replaced.

Data Recovery

Have you deleted a file by accident and now need to have it back? Did a problem with your system make the data on it inaccessible? One of the things that providers who offer computer repairs Melbourne can do is data recovery. They can use specialized software that will analyze your hard drive and recover as much of the needed data as possible, so that you can get back access to your files.