Surfing Ramps

Surfing Rampscoastal design & solutions

             ‘Reef Architect to assist you with beach nourishment campaigns and the re-use of dredge spoil for better surf and wider beaches’

              ‘For coastal managers and port authorities that are seeking to provide additional benefits for the community and want to save on total costs’

Beach nourishment campaigns add sand to swash or nearshore zones in response to shoreline erosion or realignment. Beach nourishment (or beach fill in the USA) is popular because it maintains the look and feel of a beach, supporting the inherent cultural, natural and commercial values associated with the beach.

Surfers ride surfboards, longboards, bodyboards, surf skis and SUPs. There are 5.3 million surfers spread across Australia, USA, NZ and Europe. Most surfing occurs at a beach and beach nourishment campaigns have a temporary impact on subaqueous beach topography, wave breaking patterns and ultimately, the quality of the surfing experience.

With Surfing Ramps input, your beach nourishment campaign will;

  • provide better surf
  • deliver a wider beach
  • reduce on total costs

Surfing Ramps is a niche coastal consultancy to assist you in all stages of beach nourishment, from;

*) community consultation prior to sand nourishment campaigns

*) onsite and/or desktop assessment and appraisal of surf spot cluster (existing, rarely, almost), batho & geo, wind & wave climate, access and community

*) identifying options for spoil ground placement locations, every site is unique

*) design configuration of sand placement templates for better surf and wider beaches, every site is unique

*) organising computer modelling appraisal of placement template

*) organising surf cam installation

*) undertaking soundings, bathymetric studies and map production

*) advice during the dredge tender process

*) dissemination of information and media management during your sand nourishment campaign

*) monitoring and reporting during your sand nourishment campaign

*) reporting, post campaign appraisal

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Mold Removal in Melbourne

Mold Removal in Melbourne

Mold has become one of the most harmful elements in many homes. It causes numerous damages in any part of the house. This may be discoloration, rot growth, dark decks, shower grout lines, or black siding spots. What’s worse is that it can also cause health risks. It produces spores that can cause a runny nose, sneezing, foul smells, and allergic reactions. These are the reasons why you should never take molds for granted. Getting help from an experienced and professional service provider is important.

At our mold removal company in Melbourne, we are proud of our accomplishments. When offering our services, we follow the industry guidelines to the latter to ensure that we provide safe mold removal. All molds must be removed physically. Painting or encapsulating will only cover it up instead of getting rid of the problem. Mould Removal Melbourne

Here are the steps we follow:


We will come to the specific area, be it your home or office and do a professional inspection. Our experts will get to know the areas that are contaminated and figure out what caused the mold problem. Armed with the findings, the team comes up with a customized plan that will help to resolve the issue.

Containment and equipment

Containment of the affected areas is done to prevent the mold spores from dispersing to other areas of your home. The experts will set the equipment up. This helps to create air exchanges and also purify the air. Before the specialists can begin their work, they will be in full personal protective equipment to reduce exposure and cross contamination. All this is essential for the success of mold removal in Melbourne.

Removal and Testing

Our professionals will use effective and safe products for mold removal in Melbourne. The sealants and antimicrobial cleaners we use remove all mold traces in your home. We do conduct a testing just to confirm if the work has been done efficiently.


Once all the contaminated materials have been removed, and the testing clearance is provided, our team can begin the repair process. The contaminated materials will be replaced by mold free ones.

Our company doesn’t just focus on mold removal in Melbourne. We are always developing and improving our techniques and technologies so that our customers can get the best services. In case you think mold may be infesting your home or you are already experiencing mold problems, contact us today! We offer our services 24/7 and will work on your problem immediately.

How to Use Sex Toys

How to Use Sex Toys

The most important aspects of life often elicit a lot of discussion. As such, it’s little wonder that there’s so much talk out there about how couples can strengthen the bond of their relationship. Wanting to become closer to one’s partner is inherent in the human condition. Everyone wants it, but most people find themselves lost when it comes to effective ways to actually do so. The answer is actually closer than one might imagine. The best thing one can add to a relationship is a sense of novelty and playfulness. There’s one place that’s sure to provide both of these for almost any couple. It’s an Sex Toys by Joujou, and it can prove amazingly enriching.

The first thing to keep in mind when looking at the items in an adult toy store is that openness is important. Sometimes it can be a little embarrassing to really open up and discuss the various things that one might like to explore. People also sometimes find themselves embarrassed to talk about some of the experiences they might have had in the past with various Joujou Vibrators. It’s something that every couple should be open with though. After all, a couple shares the ultimate intimacy with each other. By definition they should learn to share the most intimate aspects of themselves.

When a couple really feels free to discuss the toys they’re looking at something almost magical can happen. Even people who feel they know everything about each other will usually find themselves surprised and intrigued. Everyone has a few things about themselves which they keep in the background of their mind. By exploring it and rekindling old memories and desires a whole new spark of love can spring up.

That’s one of the big reasons why an adult toy store isn’t just about finding items to enjoy later on. Browsing the extensive inventory of a high quality adult toy store will provide a couple with topics to discuss which would never come up in other contexts. It’s not at all uncommon for people to simply forget about some of the best experiences of the past either. Seeing the various toys can spark some great memories. What makes it exciting though is the fact that one’s partner will be right there. Those good memories can spark the creation of even better ones. A shopping trip at an adult toy store isn’t just about buying something fun. The shopping expedition is also about creating and maintaining some exciting bonds within a relationship.

Using promotional air fresheners

Using promotional air fresheners

You’ve probably seen one of those pine- or other-scented promotional air fresheners hanging from a car’s rearview mirror more than once. That’s not an accident. Though the car owner probably has it hanging there because he wants a fresher-smelling car, the place he got it from was counting on you and others to notice. That’s why promotional air fresheners can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Of course, if your business is making air fresheners, then you want your name prominently on the product, so every one you sell becomes a promotional air freshener for your product and your company. However, other businesses can buy the promotional air fresheners and either sell them or give them away.

Promotional air fresheners are inexpensive to make, costing just pennies, so they make a very cost-effective marketing tool. You can buy a thousand of them for $100 or less. If you sell them for even a dollar apiece, that’s a hefty profit. But even if you give them away, it’s a fairly cheap form of marketing that will have a fairly wide reach. You not only have the 1,000 people you gave them to, but you also have every single person, from passengers to passersby, that sees that promotional air freshener hanging from the mirror.

And it’s not just car mirrors. People may hang them in their homes and other businesses might hang them up to provide that nice smell. Every time someone does this with one of your promotional air fresheners, it’s another chance for your business name to be seen.

It’s easy to see why promotional air fresheners are such a good marketing tool. They not only allow your business name to be seen widely for a relatively low cost, they also provide a service — providing a nice smell — to those who receive them. Next time you are thinking of marketing tools, consider a promotional air freshener.

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